Happy New Year!  It’s the season of New Year Resolutions and while most of us have great intentions and set lofty or even well-planned goals to achieve some long sought after new year resolution, not many of us stick to them.

  1. The Problem

After hours and weeks spent planning, researching, journaling, and bragging, we then execute!  We launch head first into whatever goal we have conjured up.  We give it all our all and then most (but not all!) of us end up getting winded (pun fully intended) by April but some even as early as February 1st.

But why?  There has to be some science to it.  Some magic mantra we can say or some book we can read to help the transition into “You 2.0” stick.  But what is it?

     2. The Solution

This post from Cosmopolitan magazine could be just the ticket.  Compiled below is a list of common goals and Cosmopolitan’s best suggestions for Podcasts (see it’s sorta like a Mantra!?) that may help your new year resolutions stick.

Step 1: Launch Head first into “You 2.0”

  1. Goal: Work out consistently with Hurdle.
    1. A biweekly podcast that aims to keep you motivated.
  2. Goal: Eat Healthy…ish – with Diet Starts Tomorrow. 
    1. A podcast from Betches Media that takes an actually realistic, fully hilarious approach to the big, vague world of “wellness.”
  3. Goal: Glow Up-
    1. From oat milk to sunscreen to crystals, Glowing Up hosts Esther and Caroline discuss literally everything that can contribute to your glow up.
  4. Goal: Figure Out Your Finances with Financial Grownup with Bobbi Rebell 
    1. Financial Grownup covers every money topic you can think of, from handling a credit card to justifying big fashion splurges.
  5. Goal: Catch More ZZZs- Sleep with Me
    1. If you spend your nights tossing and turning, the Sleep With Me podcast will actually bore you to sleep.

Click the link below to read the full article from Cosmopolitan and for all the details and links to the above podcast.  Best of luck on manifesting “You 2.0” and having a wonderful 2019!